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  •  Buffalo, Tout Beau, Tout Nouveau

    Buffalo, Tout Beau, Tout Nouveau

    Author: Sasha Alyson
    Illustrator: Chittakone Vilaipong

    Synopsis: This fable tells us that inventions and technology can improve our lives but sometimes, by going too far, we lose what made us happy.
    Through the friendship between a young boy and his buffalo, we discover, with humour, that we don't need to improve everything to be happy. Simplicity can be good.

    Although based in Cambodia, this story and the pleasure of reading have no borders thanks to the quality of the texts and illustrations.

    🎁 Recommended from 4 to 12 years old.

    #Friendship, #Technology versus Simplicity,
    # Asian happy child life
    # Poetry
    SGD 15.00

    Buffalo, Tout Beau, Tout Nouveau

    SGD 15.00
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